Vin Santo del Chianti Classico DOC 2014
Vin Santo del Chianti Classico DOC 2014

Vin Santo
del Chianti Classico
DOC 2014


An authentic tribute to the ancient peasant customs, our Vin Santo is never in a hurry and is never idle. Made of Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia Bianca with withering on the vine and aged in caratelli for more than three years.

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Technical Information

South, south-west
Soil type:
arenaceous, sandy and loamy soil
Training system:
Cordon spur
Vine density:
3.000 plants/ha
Vine age:
10 years
Hectare yield:
Plant yield:
1,8 kg
Harvest Period:
End of September
5.9 g/l
Dry Extract:
43 g/l
Bottle Size:
500 ml

Winemaking Process

The grapes are dried on reed mats placed in a well ventilated, dry room.
The juice is put in chestnut kegs (50 lt small sealed barrels) containing the “mother” (old wine obtained from the previous vintages of Vin Santo), where it ferments spontaneously.
The must ages inside the casks for 4 years during which undergoes a long and slow oxidation giving the wine its uniqueness. Final aging in bottle for 6 months.

Tasting Notes

Intense perfumes of dried fruit, honey, nuts and raisins.
Sweet and warm, with elegant almond aftertaste, biscuit and walnut. The finish is very complex and persistent.
Ideal with cakes as pinolata or cantucci. Great by itself at the end of a meal.
Decorative sun from