Vin Santo del Chianti Classico DOC 2010
Vin Santo del Chianti Classico DOC 2010

Vin Santo
del Chianti Classico
DOC 2010


Amber coloured, with a bouquet of walnuts, dried fruit and sultanas, and a full, sweet and rounded flavour: this is a typical local dessert wine. Grapes are left to dry on mats and meet the “madre” (the lees of the previous vin santo) in 50-litre wooden chestnut casks (“caratelli”). It remains there unmoved for 48 months before being bottled, which will be its home for the next few years. Plenty of patience and passion take the grape on an endless journey, giving us an uniquely flavoured vin santo: perfect with cookies and traditional Tuscan cakes.

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Technical Information

South, south-west
Soil type:
Clay, marlstone, limestone
Training system:
Cordon spur
Vine density:
3.000 plants per hectare
Vine age:
10 years
Hectare yield:
55 q.
Plant yield:
1,8 kg
Harvest Period:
End of September
15.5 %
6.9 g/l
Dry Extract:
Bottle Size:
500 ml

Winemaking Process

The grapes are dried on reed mats placed in a well-ventilated and dry place. The must is placed in chestnut casks (small sealed 50 lt barrels) containing the “mother” (lees obtained from the draw-off of the Vin Santo from the previous vintage) where it ferments spontaneously. The must/wine ages in the cask for four years, undergoing a long, slow oxidation that gives the wine its unique characteristics.
Final aging in bottles for six months.

Tasting Notes

Dried fruit, honey, nuts and raisins.
Sweet. Warm, with an elegant aftertaste of almond, biscotto and nutmeg. Very complex and lingering finish.
Ideal with cakes, such as pinolata, and dry almond biscotti. Excellent by itself to end a meal.
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