IGP Toscano Extra Virgin Olive Oil
IGP Toscano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

IGP Toscano
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The road marks our way, lined with cypresses and fast-flowing torrents in search of the sea. The Maremma opens widely before us: bright, generous and alive. From the sea breeze and intense sun the olive trees absorb vigor, elegance and a strong personality, endowing this Tuscan Extravirgin Olive Oil with soul.

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Using top-quality olives, scrupulous attention is paid to guideline procedures. We monitor the entire process from beginning to end, minimizing our Extravirgin Olive Oil’s exposure to the air, filtering immediately and stocking it in stainless steel at a temperature ranging from 14 to 20°C. The oil is bottled only upon request from the client, using inert gas and a bottle that reduces 97% of the effect of UV rays, thereby maximizing the shelf life of our products.

Production Characteristics

Olive Origin:
Oil Production Area:
Dievole Olive Oil Mill
Olive Variety:
Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio and Maurino
50–200 masl
Harvesting Method:
Mechanical and manual
Bottle Size:
500 ml

Tasting Notes

Fruity, reminiscent of mature olives
Harmonious, with medium-strength bitterness and bite

Food Pairing

Bruschetta, vegetables, rice salad, fish, tomatoes, legume soup, vegetable risotto, grilled fish, salmon, goat’s cheese, and semimature cheese

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