Rosso Le Due Arbie IGT Toscana 2016
 Rosso Le Due Arbie IGT Toscana 2016

Rosso Le Due Arbie
IGT Toscana 2016


Creativity is not enough to redefine a classic; neither is courage. You need solid roots, planted firmly in a strong land. You need the experience and knowledge of the generations who have worked the soil. You need pride in your past. These are the only ways for Tuscany to produce a new red wine, young and fresh, taking the best of myriad traditions and learning how to express its authentic, very personal character.

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Technical Information

Sud, sud-west
Marl, limestone
Sistema di allevamento:
Cordone speronato
Densità d’impianto:
5.000 plants / ha
Età delle viti:
10-15 years
Hectare yield:
1,4 kg
13 %
5,7 g/l
Dry Extract:
28 g/l
Bottle Size:
750 ml

Winemaking Process

Spontaneous fermentation and vinification in natural cement vats for 14 days at 27-28°C. Malolactic fermentation in the same 80hl vats. Refinement in 150hl cement vats for 9 months. Bottle ageing for 3 months.

Tasting Notes

Bright, intense, ruby red.
Ripe red fruit with hints of spice.
Juicy and fruity flavoured and well bodied. Soft, pleasing tannins. Lingering aftertaste.
Excellent with traditional Tuscan dishes such as ribollita, pasta or grilled meat.
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