In the midst of the charming landscape that surrounds Dievole is the Natural Path, a trail that weaves through Chianti Classico territory, amongst its vines, olive groves, brooks and woods; an evocative panorama rich with vegetation, fields and hills.

The modern Natural Path revives the roads that the property’s medieval sharecroppers followed to reach their farms. As such, it’s an important gift for the entire local community, providing free access to discover this precious area in nature, a way of giving back the territory to the people.

The Natural Path is a unique and ideal place for lovers of outdoor activity. Totaling 27,6 kilometers, the path offers numerous variants. The shortest, a tranquil 3km loop, goes around the borgo of Dievole and is an easy walk, giving access to the Old Farm with its adorable animals, the borgo and its restored buildings, and the unadulterated landscape.

The other paths head into wilder territory, with all its flora and fauna, and are more appropriate for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. All the paths are clearly marked with signage created out of recycled materials in respect for the natural environment in which it is placed.

The Natural Path is the idea place to take in the area’s fresh air, for sports activities or nature photography, yet conveniently located close to Dievole’s bar and restaurant where one can relax after a hike over a glass of wine and some good Tuscan food.


Dievole’s Natural Path is an excellent option for mountain bike professionals and amateurs, offering challenging terrain, including a stream to ford, with incredible views and the possibility of direct encounter with foxes and rabbits.

It’s also possible to head onto the Natural Path on horseback, a wonderful experience in direct contact with nature and with the animal itself, who provides a higher point of view from which to take in the marvelous rolling hills of Tuscan Chianti.

Hikers and trail runners choose the Natural Path for its variety of possible itineraries, the ascents and descents shaded by dense flora, the incredibly fresh air and quiet of this magical place.

Along the path are various places to stop and rest, such as the Bocce court, where you can play the classic Italian lawn bowls game or just rest under centuries-old cypress and oak trees. There are also various points of interest on the Natural Path: don’t miss the pietra serena quarry, a typical dark sandstone in this area, active since the fifteenth century; the Arbia River, which begins below Castellina in Chianti at Colle Petroso; the sulphur deposits; the 19th century aqueduct; and the panoramic points at Vigna Sessina and Vigna Petrignano.

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The Natural Path officially opened on May 23, 2015, in the company of world-champion mountain biker Mario Cipollini. The restoration of the trail began in November 2014 and would not have been possible without the ideas and direction of Leonardo Petri and the hard work of the entire team.