Le Scuderie

Le Scuderie

Breakfast in the historic stables at Dievole is one reason to wake up early, even while on holiday! Every morning, guests can enjoy breakfast inside “Le Scuderie” from 8.00 am to 10.30 am. In the warmer months, they can also choose to eat outside in the garden.

The village’s historic stables, located opposite the main villa and facing the “Aione,” conserves that charm that so often characterizes buildings of the past; the original pietra serena floor has been completely preserved, while the arches, together with the quality fabrics used for the curtains, transform the setting into the perfect winter garden, suspended between past and present.

Guests can taste authentic Tuscan flavours, like fresh fruit, buffalo milk mozzarella and yogurt, fresh pecorino cheese, cold cuts of cinta senese, scrambled eggs, tarts, cakes, cookies, plum cakes, breadsticks and whole wheat breads prepared by our chefs using ancient flours and select grains.

Breakfast often varies as it follows the natural cycle of the season: oranges and apples colour the buffet in the colder months, while strawberries, cherries and other berries reign in the summer. Similarly, goat’s cheese characterize the spring table; expect chestnuts in the autumn.

”Le Scuderie” are also the ideal place to host private events, such as birthdays, weddings, communions and baptisms. The building could also welcome guests with a long central table, in perfect harmony with the architecture and furnishings of the space.

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