Vineyards & cellars

Vineyards & Cellars

At Dievole, the soil, the climate and human experience make Chianti Classico unique, a legacy of the long history that Dievole is responsible for passing on to future generations.

Currently there are 80 hectares of vineyards, of which 55 are in production. They are situated at an average altitude of 350 meters above sea level and divided into 16 plots – all connected to each other. Each plot has a specific profile mirroring the soil, the exposure and the microclimate. Another 25 hectares will be going into production over the next few years, reaching a total of 80 hectares.

These vineyards – keeping in line with the characteristics of the Chianti Classico region – feature calcareous soil with abundant skeleton (pebbles and stones) as well as clay, sand and marl. Obviously, given the vastness of the vineyards, the soils differ significantly from one end to the other, giving the wine a delightful mosaic of nuances.

Most of the area is planted with Sangiovese, but other traditional vines from Tuscany and from the Chianti Classico area are also present, such as Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, Colorino, as well as varieties of white grapes such as Trebbiano, and Malvasia Bianca in San Colombano.

Dievole’s objective, starting with its own vineyard, is to recover the character of the historically indigenous Tuscan grapes and transfer them into the glass with the utmost respect for the authenticity of the terroir and varietal identity.


The Cellars

In the cellars, the value of tradition combines with the guarantee of the contemporary. At Dievole, every step, from the vine to the bottle, is essential and deserves extreme attention.

The grapes enter the cellars, which are equipped for the finest-quality production, and undergo vinification processes in steel vats and 80 Hl Slavonian oak barrels . The oak barrels are located on the ground floor in a spacious area defined by a long series of picturesque arches. Afterward, the wines mature in 40 Hl French oak barrels to preserve the typical characteristics of the Sangiovese fruit. The slow and steady micro-oxygenation in the barrels enables the wine to evolve naturally, maintaining all its freshness, harmony and balance intact. Dievole’s vision is to return to the most “classical” Chianti Classico.