Le Essenze

Balanced flavours, velvety and intense, this dessert wine is exactly what you’d expect from a vin santo. The best grapes and plenty of patience are the sole ingredients in making a classic vin santo that presents new nuances with every sip. Expertly dried, the grapes are left to rest for several years in traditional casks, known as “caratelli” – you can smell the wood well combined with harmonious hints of fruitiness.

Vin Santo del Chianti Classico DOC 2014

An authentic tribute to the ancient peasant customs, our Vin Santo is never in a hurry and is never idle. Made of Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia Bianca with withering on the vine and aged in caratelli for more than three years.

  • Variety:35% Malvasia Bianca, 65% Trebbiano Toscano
  • Aging:48 months
  • Age Worthy:15-20 years
  • Alcohol:15%
  • Acidity:5.9 g/l
  • Serv. Temperature:14 - 16 °C

Occhio di Pernice Vin Santo DOC 2007

Made in a 100% artisanal way, Vin Santo Occhio di Pernice is the crowning jewel of our winemaking. Produced using only the finest Sangiovese grapes (comprising 80%), it is aged in oak casks that lend an unmistakable colour and flavour to the wine. The deep amber colour immediately conveys an idea of how it will taste: bold, bodied and perfect for meditation. A vin santo that could only ever be at home in Tuscany and which is numbered by hand, given its prestige, to emphasize its unique traits and personal

  • Variety:Sangiovese, verdea
  • Aging:60 months
  • Age Worthy:25-30 years
  • Alcohol:15.5%vol
  • Acidity:6.5 gr/lt
  • Serv. Temperature:16°C

Grappa di Chianti Classico

Made using steam distillation, Dievole’s grappa is bold, crystal clear and smooth at the same time. It is dry and smooth in the mouth, with forest aromas reminiscent of the hills where the grapes grow. A determined grappa with an enviable evolution that develops with every sip.

  • Alcohol:42% vol.