Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian

100% Italiano Extra Virgin Olive Oil 21 Auszeichnungen

You’ll find the birthplace of our 100% Italian where the olive tree powerfully conveys its radiant and generous essence in the quality and quantity of its yield. 250 hectares in San Giorgio Lucano expertly cultivated, where in true harmony and absolute balance an intensely and heady aromatic extra virgin olive oil is the result of love and passion.

  • Olive Origin:Puglia and Sicilia
  • Olive Variety:Coratina, Nocellara, Peranzana and Carolea
  • Harvesting Method:Mechanical and by hand

100% Italiano Favolosa Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This entirely Italian blend of the ‘frantoio‘ and ‘ascolana tenera‘ varieties is the result of a cross between cultivars, which stands out for its rapid growth in the grove and its hardiness against xylella.

  • Olive Origin:Puglia
  • Olive Variety:Frantoio and Ascolana tenera
  • Harvesting Method:Mechanical and manual

100% Italiano Monocultivar Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil 21 Auszeichnungen

Our tribute to one of the world’s most important cultivars: Coratina, at the height of its varietal expression. On the San Giorgio Lucano estate, the trees stand tall and majestic above sea level, giving rise to a powerful extravirgin olive oil, aromatic and palatable.

  • Olive Origin:Basilicata and Puglia
  • Olive Variety:Coratina
  • Harvesting Method:Mechanical and by hand

100% Italiano Monocultivar Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil 14 Auszeichnungen

The story behind our extra virgin Italian olive oil can only be fully understood by taking a turn through that strait that, drifting inland from the sea, brings us the exceptional aromas of the Nocellara. For the first time this cultivar is presented in its Messinese and Belice expressions, together from this moment on.

  • Olive Origin: Sicily
  • Olive Variety:Nocellara
  • Harvesting Method:Mechanical and by hand