DOP Chianti Classico

DOP Chianti Classico Extra Virgin Olive Oil 6 Awards

We walked the gravel roads one step at a time, the barren fields pressing against the dry stone walls, the olive groves exposed to the sun between vineyards and woods, high up on the hill. A land defined by time and by the bravery of Chianti Classico dwellers.

  • Olive Origin:Chianti Classico Alta Valle dell’Arbia
  • Oil Production Area:Frantoio di Dievole (Dievole Oil Mill)
  • Olive Variety:Frantoio, Moraiolo
  • Harvesting Method:Manual

DOP Chianti Classico Monocultivar Leccino Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 Awards

You are surrounded by centuries-old Tuscan olives (Prima omnium), verdant, vivacious leaves unfurled towards the sun. Like Chianti Classico dwellers you’re a hardy species, frost resistant, pugnacious and rebellious. Then, to the taste buds, you reveal yourself as a well-balanced, elegant, floral extra virgin oil, surprisingly Leccino.

  • Olive Origin:Chianti Classico
  • Oil Production Area: Frantoio di Dievole (Dievole Oil Mill)
  • Olive Variety:Leccino
  • Harvesting Method:Manual