DOP Chianti Classico

DOP Chianti Classico Extra Virgin Olive Oil 6 Awards

We walked the gravel roads one step at a time, the barren fields pressing against the dry stone walls, the olive groves exposed to the sun between vineyards and woods, high up on the hill. A land defined by time and by the bravery of Chianti Classico dwellers.

  • Olive Origin:Chianti Classico
  • Oil Production Area:Dievole Olive Oil Mill 
  • Olive Variety:Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Correggiolo and Pendolino 
  • Harvesting Method: Mechanical and manual

IGP Toscano

IGP Toscano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The road marks our path, lined with cypresses and torrents that flow fast in search of the sea. The Maremma opens itself up to the observer, radiant, generous and alive. From the sea breeze and the intense sun, the olive tree gains power, elegance and a strong personality, instilling soul to the Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • Olive Origin:Maremma
  • Oil Production Area:Dievole Olive Oil Mill
  • Olive Variety:Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio and Maurino
  • Harvesting Method:Mechanical and manual

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian

100% Italiano Extra Virgin Olive Oil 21 Awards

You’ll find the birthplace of our 100% Italian where the olive tree powerfully conveys its radiant and generous essence in the quality and quantity of its yield. 250 hectares in San Giorgio Lucano expertly cultivated, where in true harmony and absolute balance an intensely and heady aromatic extra virgin olive oil is the result of love and passion.

  • Olive Origin:Puglia, Sicily and Basilicata
  • Oil Production Area:Dievole Oil Mill
  • Olive Variety:Carolea, Coratina, Peranzana, Ogliarola and Nocellara
  • Harvesting Method:Mechanical and manual

100% Italiano Monocultivar Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil 21 Awards

Our tribute to one of the world’s most important cultivars: Coratina, at the height of its varietal expression. On the San Giorgio Lucano estate, the trees stand tall and majestic above sea level, giving rise to a powerful extravirgin olive oil, aromatic and palatable.

  • Olive Origin: Canosa di Puglia
  • Oil Production Area: Dievole Olive Oil Mill
  • Olive Variety:Coratina
  • Harvesting Method:Mechanical and manual

100% Italiano Monocultivar Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil 14 Awards

The story behind our extra virgin Italian olive oil can only be fully understood by taking a turn through that strait that, drifting inland from the sea, brings us the exceptional aromas of the Nocellara. For the first time this cultivar is presented in its Messinese and Belice expressions, together from this moment on.

  • Olive Origin: Sicily
  • Oil Production Area:Dievole Olive Oil Mill
  • Olive Variety:Nocellara
  • Harvesting Method:Mechanical and manual

Olio Nuovo

Primo Raccolto Olio Nuovo di Dievole

Dievole’s profound respect for the earth and our work in harmony with the elements is what brings us the Primo Raccolto project, a story of quality, transparency, innovation and passion. This is the latest innovation from Olio di Dievole, which, since 2014, has been producing international award-winning monocultivar and blended extra virgin olive oil that is recognized by chefs and consumers worldwide. Primo Raccolto, makes that quality personal: is our way of bringing your choice of the fruits of our territory straight to your door, with an express delivery of specially dated olio nuovo.


    Vinegar of Chianti Classico

    So pungent that you fuel the taste buds and the mind.

    With every drop you emulsify and add flavor to the oil, which, now lively, refines the food and makes the spirit of Chianti Classic wine more acute, as sharp as a sword edge and in line with your thoughts.

    • Aging:8 months in oak casks
    • Acidity:8.50 %
    • Residual Alcohol:0.40 % in vol
    • Dry Extract:0.80 g/l
    • pH:3.20
    • Maximum Storage:36 months from the packaging date