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Wine Pairing Charts: the best of the web

When it comes to combining wine and food, things can get quite confusing. That’s why we’ve selected some of the internet’s best wine pairing charts to guide you in a one-of-a-king tasting experience and to educate you on the fine lines between gustatory disaster and perfection. Your matching knowledge is sure to impress your friends at the next dinner parties and wine tastings!


Ever thought of pairing wine and pies? Chart by Vivino.com

Ever thought of pairing wine and pies? Chart by Vivino.com

Creativity is key when it comes to pairing drink and food, so take the wine pairing charts’suggestions with a grain of salt and never forget that experimenting can bring your taste-buds into undiscovered realms of taste. Originally from France, the primary grapes used in the production of Champagne are black Pinot noir and Pinot Meunier but also white Chardonnay. It is said to come alive with food and goes well with appetisers, lobster, seafood and mushrooms, while in the dessert department its sparkling light consistency marries wonderfully with strawberries, fruit puddings, apple crumble and almond based cookies. Naturally fresh oysters and a flute of champagne are THE signature dish if your palate wants to delve into the lap of luxury eating.


Wine pairing chart from winefolly.com

Wine pairing chart from winefolly.com

Unlike common belief, premium Chardonnay actually is a great food wine. According to this chart from Wine Folly, it pairs well with soft cheeses, starches, fish, rich seafood like crab, and white meat.


Pic from winebarrel.org

Pic from winebarrel.org

Fatty red meats such as pork and lamb and bitter-edged vegetables such as broccoli and grilled radicchio really enhance the tannins and natural fruitiness of Cabernet. Rich dishes  with cheeses and butter are also a great match with this full-bodied wine with a strong savoury character often described with flavours such as black pepper and tobacco. Because of these strong tasting notes, it does not pair well with chocolate but is perfect with herbed cous-cous and grilled swordfish.


Check out our Sangiovese Wine Pairing Chart!

Check out our Sangiovese Wine Pairing Chart!

Sangiovese is the most widespread vine in Italy and Dievole’s most cherished grape, for it expresses the very essence of our peculiar terroir. Our Chianti Classico wine is extremely flexible when it comes to pairing: try it with melon and Italian prosciutto ham, game meat, pizza and pasta.



A fun way to choose the right bottle of wine! Chart found on Winewankers.com

A fun way to choose the right bottle of wine! Chart found on Winewankers.com

With a  medium-low tannin content, silky feel and light, subtle flavours, Pinot Noir is considered a catch-all food pairing wine. As depicted in the wine pairing charts above, Pinot Noir is a safe haven for all uncertain wine choosers who want to obtain the maximum result with the minimum effort. Be it a light dish of salmon, duck breast, roasted mushrooms or lentils, this unique red is bound to satisfy everyone.


Wine and herbs... a very interesting pairing chart by wineeveryday.net

Wine and herbs… a very interesting pairing chart by wineeveryday.net

Red fruits and a soft finish are two of Merlot’s main characteristics that make it the perfect wine to serve with aged cheeses, beef, tuna, black truffles and dark chocolate. It also pairs well with most herbs found in Tuscan cuisine! Next time you’re preparing an herb-heavy dish, take a look at this chart to see which wine will complement your meal best. You can also read up on typical Tuscan herbs in our article on the Tuscan garden!


Wine Pairing Charts about pizza are the best!

Wine Pairing Chart about pizza from IndianWineList.com

Tomato is the ingredient that makes pairing with pizza a bit of a challenge, but you need to concentrate on other toppings as well, such as the range of sausages or vegetables. Sangiovese, for example, goes well with a meat-heavy pizza, whereas if you prefer pesto on yours, try a bubbly like prosecco.


Wine and Cheese Chart from HisandHerWine.com (no longer online)

Everyone knows that wine and cheese are a match made in heaven — but do you know what the best bottle for your cheese plate is? From Champagne to Zinfandel, let this chart guide you to new flavour experiences!


Chart from VinePair.com

Wine isn’t just for sit-down dinners — this chart proves that lots of wines will work wonderfully at your next backyard barbecue! Explore new flavour combinations, like a crisp, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc paired with grilled mushroom caps and potato salad.


Chart from ChewsyLovers.com

Ever thought of pairing wine and popcorn? You should! Make your next movie night something special with a gourmet snack and a bottle of wine. Follow this chart’s suggestion and toss some kernels with shredded coconut, warm cardamom and buttery pistachios, then pair with sweet, fruity Moscato. There’s something for everyone’s taste!