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Wine on Instagram: best wine accounts to follow

Instagram is our favorite social network (you follow us at @dievole, right?) because we love the conversation and community it creates. It’s also undoubtedly a superb place to get inspiration for some of our favorite things, namely wine, travel, food and photography. Our chosen wine Instagram accounts to follow aren’t magazines (though @winefolly is great!) but rather people with wine adventures that they share on a daily basis; sommeliers, consultants or travelers who are always in search of the best wine, anywhere they go. If you love discovering new places and tastes, you’ll love following these visual storytellers!



After graduating with a degree in Engineering of Computing Systems, blogger Simone Roveda moved his tech talents to the world of travel and wine, founding Winery Lovers. The idea? To create a wine community where everyone’s involved. Passionate about food and travel, his blog and social media pages are witty, gorgeous and of course, total heaven for wine connoisseurs. Plus, Simone keeps a down-to-earth vibe offering personal suggestions related to food and wine.



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“Behind every bottle there’s a story to tell,” and no one says it better than Wine Teller. A self-defined globetrotter and sommelier, the Italian born Instagrammer is the founder of a genre, offering close-up shots of wine bottles and an even closer story of what’s inside. Wine Teller’s blog goes beyond taste and smell: on this Instagram, you’ll get an informative and often personal backstory documenting what the label won’t tell.



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Georgia Panagopoulou is a Greek wine fanatic just finishing up her Masters degree in Wine Management and we recently met here at Dievole. She told us she started her Instagram account when she started studying and traveling around the wine world, though many fellow students didn’t understand her constant snapping and posting… but within only a year, she’s easily become one of the top wine influencers on Instagram! At the moment the account is “standalone,” though she hopes to start a blog when she has time after her studies.



With his bubbly Instagram and now “Enoblogger Bubbles Guide,” you can count on Emanuele Trono to fill your feed with wine and exuberance, not to mention his weekly Enoblogger newsletter. With a degree from the University of Gastronomic Studies, Enoblogger is all about giving you the best of wine dashed with personality (and the best shoes!). Follow him around the world for fashion and luxury-filled wine adventures.



It wasn’t hard for Leanne Beattie to find inspiration for her incredible blog and Instagram, The Wine Girl: for her, it’s always been about storytelling and taking the pretentiousness out of wine. Leanne shows the bright side of wine making, from the real-life stories behind bottles to her own days in the vineyard. You won’t find textbook paragraphs on her blog, but well-researched stories to help you enjoy what’s in your glass.



Joe Menezes made the top 20 wine influencers list with his top-notch Instagram and Facebook pages. Joe knows how to pair the wine he tastes with beautifully-assembled photographs, framing the wine in its perfect setting. With light and airy posts, it’s the perfect inspiration point for wine festivities – and for deciding what to drink!



The name says it all! If you’re looking for a laugh, Conrad and Drew have got you covered. These two Australian wine-lovers founded Wine Wankers to take pretension out of wine, using social media as a means for writing about wine in a fun and accessible way. With over 500, 000 followers across their social media platforms, this Instagram page is a sure guarantee to a laugh-filled experience.



F. Saverio Russo is a top wine influencer whose blog and Instagram are dedicated to sharing his favorite moments in the industry. His photos get straight to the point: you’ll find glasses from his latest tastings, a vineyard trip or a repost admiring the work of fellow wine-lovers (spread the love!). Marchigiano by birth and Tuscan by adoption, his main profession involves event organization consulting, though on the side, he’s really just looking for the best way to spend his time – with a glass in hand.



The wine woman behind this Instagram, Joanie Metivier, is a force to be reckoned with. With an extensive wine background (and Whisky Ambassador, at that) she’s also equipped with experience in tourism, geography and translation: the perfect mix for sharing her wine discoveries with “vino” lovers around the world. She also runs a blog filled with all things wine. Michael McDuff (sommelier, social media strategist and photographer) serves as her ultimate support, that is, the main force behind the fast-paced happenings in the bilingual blog. Joanie has been also recognized as a top wine influencer and wine blogger of the year.



Mike and Jeff declare themselves experts in all things bubbly, calling their fondness for fizz explosive – and their Instagram is proof! A perfect wine pair since 2004, they began their blog to share their own bubble love with the rest of us: Mike, with a steadfast passion for bubble wines (and lover of geography and research), joins Jeff, a Certified Wine Specialist, to give you the best of bubbly wines. Above all else, they believe that “sparkling wine should be fun:” whether it’s infographics, food pairings, reviews or travel tips, they’ll be sure to demystify sparkling wine and make learning about it real fun!



Filippo Bartolotta is one of the funniest sommeliers we know! Based in Florence, Filippo is known as a star sommelier, especially after he chose the wine tasted by the Obamas on a recent visit. He also runs a cooking school (Mamas) and a wine tour company (Le Baccanti). While his Instagram is a lot of fun, his Facebook almost tops it thanks to his rather hilarious video series (check out “Filippo vs. Wine”).



This natural-born wine storyteller knows French wine like the back of his hand. The man behind The WineStache is all about spotlighting wine professionals making their mark in the world. Born in Switzerland, this blogger’s Instagram launched in Spring 2017 with the aim of promoting natural wines and forward-thinking winemakers that apply organic or biodynamic principles to their winemaking – and to this day, his blog does all that and more.



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Kemal Can Ocak’s Instagram reviews wine with posts that are short, sweet and to the point. His page sticks out from the rest for his delightful signature photo: a wine-filled glass situated in a gorgeous landscape, making the two the perfect pair. His communication method connects wine to the world where it comes from – and offers beautiful photos for inspiring his followers to do the same!



Is French wine-blogging your kind of thing? Then don’t miss Benoît Lefèvre’s Vino2Travel created in 2015. This blogger aims to give you the best ideas for food, traveling and the best wines around. On his blog and Instagram, you’ll find exposés documenting winemakers, the best wine regions and his personal suggestions – of course paired with photographs capturing every moment (in a perfectly-fitting minimalist style). You’ll be booking a trip in no time after sifting through his page! And don’t miss Benoît’s monthly contributions to Wine Tourist Magazine!



This French-Italian vineyard is basically wine-world royalty. Gaetano d’Afflitto, the man behind the Instagram, is a descendant of the Afflitto family, who bought the land of today’s family winery in 1929. The family has quite a history to tell, their noble roots dating to 1280, boasting 49 baronies and 68 marquees (and that’s not all…). Gaetano’s adventure-addicted feed reads like a wine diary documenting the most beautiful parts of of the wine industry, not to mention his own place in it all. From wine to art and culture, you won’t want to miss this Instagram fit for a king!



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Daniel, a young German wine lover and blogger, has been exploring the world’s best wines since August 2016. His passion for wine developed early: he had the nose, and the rest is history! After studying industrial engineering, he took his love for wine and created a platform for wine-oriented dialogues; his wine blog’s mission is to help others discover their particular wine tastes and to share these experiences within the wine community. His Instagram and blog are a treat, giving you special recommendations tried and tested by Daniel himself.


*with particular thanks to Georgia Panagopoulou (aka @wine.gini) for sharing her list of favourites with us!