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The Best Wine Bars in Siena near Piazza del Campo

Piazza del Campo is the beating heart of any Siena itinerary so we’ve thought up a three-day tour of its surroundings which combines art, architecture and great wine bars in Siena serving Dievole. First settled in the time of the Etruscans, Siena is packed with must-see artwork and monuments and it is the perfect destination for those who love exploring by foot. Get ready to enjoy the perfect Tuscan experience!

Day 1 – Architecture and Liberamente Osteria

Liberamente Osteria - the perfect wine bar if you want to admire Siena's piazza del Campo.

Liberamente Osteria – the perfect wine bar if you want to admire Siena’s piazza del Campo.

Start from the beating heart of Siena’s centre: Piazza del Campo. This wonderful  is regarded as one of Europe’s greatest medieval squares. The world famous Palio is held around the edges of this piazza twice-a-year – July 2 and August 16.

Take a morning stroll to admire the architecture of the palazzi ringing the square, the marble fountain of Fonte Gaia, the city hall – Palazzo Pubblico – and its bell tower known as Torre del Mangia.

If you’re looking for a quick lunch fix, try the typical Tuscan panino with cold cuts, selected cheeses and marinated vegetables. After restoring your strengths, head to the Siena Cathedral to breath in the greatness of of its Tuscan Gothic architecture decorated with amazing frescoes and magnificent statues. Conclude your visit in the crypt under the Cathedral where the walls are covered with scenes from the Old and New Testament

After a long day of sightseeing, pamper yourself with a visit to one of the best wine bars in Siena: Liberamente Osteria. Located in Piazza del Campo, where you can taste typical Tuscan dishes and fine Dievole Chianti Classico wine. The view is also very beautiful, facing the central part of the main piazza.

Liberamente Osteria, Piazza del Campo, 27

For more information: 0577-274733

Day 2 – Art and Café Pasticceria Berta

Wine bars with a view! Ph. Alessandro (Flickr CC)

Wine bars with a view! Ph. Alessandro (Flickr CC)

Siena has one of Italy’s best art galleries, Pinacoteca Nazionale. It houses some of the best Sienese art of the 14th and 15th century, as well as late medieval and Renaissance paintings and an extensive sculpture collection. Discover masterpieces by Duccio di Buoninsegna, Simone Martiri and other artists of the Sienese School here. The Museo dell’Opera del Duomo also boasts an outdoor walkaway with a panoramic view of Siena which is not to be missed. If you are visiting with your children, the Art Museum for Children inside the Santa Maria Della Scala complex offers a wide range of activities designed to introduce your little ones to the beauty of art.

Crown your art-filled day by pampering your taste buds with a glass of Dievole Vin Santo wine and sweet treats at the Café Pasticceria Berta, a lovely pastry bar not very far from city centre that offers a true local Sienese food experience.

Cafè Pasticceria Berta – Piazza Chigi Saracini, 5

Tel. 0577-271306

Day 3 – Chianti Classico Area and the lovely Osteria del Bigelli

Our guests enjoying a sip of wine on our terrace.

Our guests enjoying a sip of wine on our terrace.

Spend your last day exploring the Chianti Classico Area and visiting us at Dievole, where our wines are produced. We will be glad to welcome you in our propriety and show you our beautiful vineyards, walk you through our olive groves and unveil the mysteries of our wine tasting techniques so you can best enjoy the wine bars in Siena once you return to the city. Celebrate your last night in Siena with a romantic dinner at the Osteria del Bigelli, a small but beautiful restaurant in Piazza Del Campo, which feels like home at this point.

Osteria del Bigelli, Piazza del Campo, 60