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Wine Advent Calendar: How to Make your own with Great Tuscan Wine

The weather is getting cooler and the year is winding down to a close, which means it’s time to start thinking about the holiday season. It’s a time for family and friends — and of course, great food and drink. But why wait until December 25 to indulge? Counting down the days til Christmas, instead of the traditional daily chocolate, try a wine advent calendar! These adult fun items are hard to find in stores but you can make one yourself and use it every year. Here’s some ideas on how to make it.

Just like with a traditional advent calendar, each day of the wine advent calendar corresponds to a bottle of wine. It’s up to you what to do with it — drink it all yourself or share it with family, friends or neighbors.

It takes a bit of time to source all the items to make your own wine advent calendar, so get started well in advance. Customize its content to your taste in wine: for example, if you like Tuscan wine, you could make your countdown a daily tour of great Tuscan wines! Order a sampler pack of wines from the Dievole wine club and you’ll have examples from the top wine producing zones of this region. If a bottle of wine a day is too much to drink and your cellar is overflowing, you could go with the “12 days of Christmas” (handily 2 cases of wine) and open them every 2-3 days.

Idea for a wine advent calendar: A tissue paper countdown

A tissue paper countdown – photo credit straight.com (see link below)

How to make a wine advent calendar

To make your own wine advent calendar, you first need something to hold the bottles. A closet organizer with 24 pockets works well, or you can turn a 24-bottle wine rack into a festive decoration. Think about which solution can be nicely displayed in your home, and also if you might re-use it as a wine rack after the holidays. Then, pick some festive trimmings, like red ribbons and bows, as well as gift tags to write the dates on. Don’t feel restricted to traditional Christmas colours – go designer, or all white… whatever fits your style!

Now for the important part: the wine. Pick out your 25 bottles and place them in your chosen holder. Here, the options are endless. You can go by region or country, alternate by type (white, red, rosè or sparkling!) or make it into a virtual wine voyage around the world. Keep your twenty fifth bottle under the tree for the big day.

tuscan wine

Click to order an assortment of Tuscan wines from our wine club for your wine advent calendar!

The next step: number the bottles. If you use a hanging closet organizer, simply tie numbered tags around the necks. You can print out something in a fun font, or try your hand at calligraphy. If you choose a wine rack, stick tags to the caps using double-sided tape. Then, get creative! Decorate your calendar with festive bows, jingle bells, fairy lights and ribbons.

Best of the web: wine advent calendars we like

Idea for a wine advent calendar: A tree made of pipes!

A tree made of pipes! Credit dukesandduchesses (see link below)

We’ve scoured the web for the cutest wine advent calendars where you can get some visual inspiration. Here they are:

  • Oh what fun DIY Advent Calendar: this really cute styled wine rack could be re-used after the holidays, making it a clever gift! (see image above, credit worldmarket.com)
  • Dukes and Duchesses PVC Pipe Advent Calendar: For those with a more modern taste, turn lengths of PVC pipe into a stylish tree that will hold your bottles — it takes a little more work but will last for years to come. Plus, it doubles as a show stopping decoration!
  • Tissue Paper Advent Calendar: For a simpler option, wrap up your bottles in butcher paper or colored tissue paper, then number them with stickers or fancy lettering and put them in wooden wine boxes. Each night it’ll be like opening a present.
  • Taryn Whiteaker Bucket Advent Calendar: We love the idea of hiding mini bottles of liquor in little galvanized buckets for a modern-meets-rustic advent display.
Idea for a wine advent calendar: Bucket advent calendar

Bucket advent calendar (credit Karen Whitaeker, link above)

All that’s left is to wait for December 1st, when you can uncork that first bottle in your wine advent calendar. Cheers, and happy holidays!