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Thermal Baths in Tuscany: A Relaxing Tradition

Tuscany offers a range of thermal baths, from luxurious spas to local free experiences. Using these baths is a long-standing tradition and is still considered a treat by Tuscans today. Thermal baths in Tuscany have been enjoyed for thousands of years, by settlers from Etruscan and Roman times, and by notable figures ranging from popes to politicians. Roman legend has it that Saturn, angry about man’s penchant for war, thrust a bolt of lightning down to Earth, causing warm, soothing water to explode from the Earth’s surface. To this day, the springs are popular destinations among both locals and tourists seeking some much-needed rest and recovery.



Siena is a wonderful Medieval city, about an hour by superstrada away from Florence. If you are in Florence and want to visit Siena and the baths you can do so by local transportation, though having your own car is often an advantage. There are also discounted taxis available that will take you to your relaxing destination.


Bagni di Petriolo Close Up | Photo Flickr User Lorraine Ann Flack

Terme di Petriolo

The baths are located in the town Monticiano, a small town half an hour outside of Siena in the gorgeous Tuscan countryside. The perfect time to visit is during the icy winter months, when its water temperature is at around 42 degrees Celcius. Despite the sulfuric odor the baths emit, they are rich in nutrients that can aid in reducing arthritis, muscle stiffness, nasal congestion, and skin imperfections.

Location Bagni di Petriolo, Monticiano (SI)
Email: [email protected]
URL: termepetriolo.it

Terme di Chianciano

Terme Theia at Chianciano Terme | Photo: Flickr user Stefano Cannas

Terme di Chianciano is a resort packed with a wellness park, thermal baths and medical services, including nutritionists and personal trainers. During the summer, the park hosts music festivals, events, and wine tastings. Nestled in a wooded nature reserve, the resort is welcoming to children, and features a wide array of traditional Tuscan food and drink available for purchase. Complete with umbrellas, sunbeds, and Wi-Fi connection, these unique baths merge the everyday comforts of home with the luxurious spa experience.

Via delle Rose, 12, Chianciano Terme (SI)
Email: [email protected]
URL: www.termechianciano.it

Fonteverde Tuscan Resort & Spa

Fonteverde Resort | Photo: Flickr user Visit Tuscany

Fonteverde is a five star resort loaded with thermal baths, a wellness center for body, face treatments, and a spa. With services available in a variety of disciplines, visitors can take their pick of modern massage, oriental medicine, or traditional Mediterranean treatments. At the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards in 2018, Fonteverde won the most prestigious award in the wellness hospitality industry.

Località Terme 1, San Casciano dei Bagni (SI)
Email: [email protected]
URL: https://www.fonteverdespa.com/it/offerte/offerte/119-0.html

Terme di Sant’Elena

Sant’Elena’s thermal baths are located on the hillside with a beautiful view of Chiusi, Montepulciano and Lake Trasimene. Because of its humidity-free environment and healing properties, the springs have been used for thousands of years, and the spa itself offers thermal pools, wellness treatments, and recreational activities. Sant’Elena features music each afternoon to encourage dance and vitality. It is also located in the town where the mineral water ‘Acqua Sant’Elena’ is bottled.

Via della Libertà 12, Chianciano Terme (SI)
Email: [email protected]
URL: www.termesantelena.it

Terme San Giovanni – Rapolano Terme

Terme San Giovanni | Photo: TermeSanGiovanni.com website

In the heart of Chianti there is Rapolano Terme, a place that offers thermal baths, fresh water pools, beauty treatments, and a nutritional center that advises those who are interested in healthy eating.

Via Terme San Giovanni – Rapolano Terme (SI)
Email: [email protected]
URL: www.termesangiovanni.it


Pisa and Lucca are two beautiful towns bursting with art and history. After a visit to the Leaning Tower or a long walk on Lucca’s ancient walls, you can take some free time to relax and enjoy healthy beauty treatments.

Lucca Thermal Baths (Grotta Piccola) | Photo Flickr user ARPAT

Terme di Casciana

Located in the Pisan Hills, this bath is notorious for using Acqua Mathelda. Acqua Mathelda is commonly used for modern rehabilitation therapies, digestive functions and respiratory treatments. Experience the reverse effects of aging offered by this bathhouse, and enjoy a relaxing stay by yourself, with a partner, or with the whole family.

Piazza Garibaldi, 9 – Casciana Terme (PI)
Email: [email protected]
URL: www.termedicasciana.it

Terme Villa Borri

This resort is neighbors with Terme San Casciana and features a large open air pool, as well as wellness treatments for the face and body. Skin care is one of the specialties of this center, as it produces a cosmetic line based on the exploiting properties of Acqua Matelda. To top it off, Terme Villa Borri is located in a historic manor house, so you can expect your visit to be characterized by authentic lime paintings and wood-burning fireplaces.

Via Galilei 34, Casciana Terme (PI)
Email: [email protected]
URL: www.termevillaborri.com

Terme Bagni di Lucca

Featuring an open air pool with a green garden, comfortable lounging chairs and fresh fruit cocktails are just some of the offerings available for visitors at this resort. It also has a restaurant for romantic dinners and exclusive cocktails. Packages and discounts are available for purchase.

Piazza San Martino 11, Lucca
Email: [email protected]
URL: www.termebagnidilucca.it

Terme di Uliveto

One of the most unique resorts on the list boasts multiple open air thermal pools, complete with beautiful gardens. At this resort, you can schedule a meeting with a “Ben-essere” expert who will analyze your physical situation and advise on the best treatments for your body. A hydropinic approach focuses on clearing maladies of the digestive tract. The springs from which the waters stem are well-known, having gained official recognition in 1992 as the sponsor of Italian athletes during the Barcelona Olympic Games.

Via Provinciale Vicarese 124, Uliveto Terme (PI)
URL: https://www.aquathermae.net/toscana/terme-di-uliveto/

Bagni Pro Palace & SPA

This five star palace comes with thermal pools, massages, beauty treatments, and a spa. The structure doubles as a hotel, with restaurants, bars, and conference rooms within walking distance. This is the perfect place to ease your stress and create quality memories, whether you are visiting for work or pleasure.

Largo Shelley 18, San Giuliano Terme (Pisa)
Email: [email protected]
URL: www.bagnidipisa.com



Gambassi Terme

Gambassi Terme is the perfect solution for a quick break from the typical Tuscan tourist offerings. Its water is very similar to that at Vichy, with a temperature of 14.6 degrees, which is very useful when it comes to curing respiratory diseases.

Piazza Giuseppe di Vittorio, 1
50050 Gambassi Terme – Florence
URL: https://www.termeviafrancigena.club


Grosseto is a town on the coast of Tuscany where the crystal seawater meets the beautiful woods.


Terme di Saturnia | Photo: Flickr user Theo K

One of Italy’s largest and best-known thermal pools is Saturnia, located on a volcanic crater. This resort has both indoor and outdoor baths, an olympic-sized pool, thermal walks, beauty care services, and a spa. It also has a very large golf camp and a popular restaurant. If you decide to stay for more than one day, be sure to tour the Roman ruins in the small town of Saturnia- they will transport you back in time.

Loc. della Follonata, Saturnia-Manciano (GR)
Email: [email protected]
URL: www.termedisaturnia.it


Terme di Venturina

Terme di Venturina | Photo: termediventurina.it website

Located in the countryside of Livorno, these thermal pools are not very far from the seaside and the town. The baths are fed by the historic Crater Spring, and beauty services ranging from mud baths to inhalation treatments are available. The facility is contained entirely on the ground floor, making it completely accessible for those with disabilities.

Viale delle Terme 36/40 Livorno
Email: [email protected]
URL: www.termediventurina.it

Montecatini Terme

One of the well-known and beloved baths in Italy, the baths at Montecatini Terme offer a complete wellness experience, ranging from thermal baths and body and facial treatments to guidance on healthy eating. Seasonal specials are available as well. A fun fact about this bath is that it has been the official venue for Miss Italia for nearly sixty years.

Via Verdi 41, Montecatini Terme (PT)
Email: [email protected]
URL: www.termemontecatini.it

Grotta Giusti Resort Golf & Spa

Grotta Giusti | Photo: GrottaGiustiSpa.com website

Grotta Giusti is a four star resort with outdoor and indoor thermal baths as well as a millennial grotto for thermal steam bathing and hydro massages. The grotto features thermal yoga, a floating spa experience, and a cave therapy session. There is also a large golf camp that your significant other can enjoy while you are busy with your beauty treatments.

Via Grotta Giusti 1411, Monsummano Terme (PT)
Email: [email protected]
URL: grottagiustispa.com

Terme di Sassetta

Terme di Sassetta | Photo: TermediSassetta.com website

With organic cosmetics, traditional Tuscan footbaths, and essential oil treatments, Terme di Sassetta is sure to provide the perfect place for a relaxing weekend visit. Their accommodation packages include stays at their rustic technology-free farmhouses, where each room tells a unique story of the past. Dinner and breakfast is also included in most packages.

Via Della Cerreta 7
Email: [email protected]
URL: www.termedisassetta.it


Updated: January 24, 2019