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Top wine apps for Android & iPhone in 2018

In this tech-oriented society, there are plenty of applications for wine lovers – from beginners to connoisseurs. Many apps are easy to use and often have similar features such as a searchable database, note taking and social sharing. There are many to choose from, so try several to determine which is best for you. We’ve done the research and written this up to date list of top 9 wine apps.


Delectable is a free app that allows users to instantly access information about a wine’s ratings and descriptions based on photographic recognition of the label. You can also easily add your own rating, notes and descriptions, which contributes to refining the data and information about each wine and generates interesting information about wine trends. You can test their database online too – we checked out the ratings for Dievole!
Info: http://delectable.com — Free — IOS & Android

Delectable database search for Dievole

Delectable database search for Dievole

Vivino is a another free app that uses image recognition technology to provide information, and users can take notes on the bottles tasted. This app is similar to Delectable, with information on around 1 million different bottles of wine and 7.5 million users.
Info: www.vivino.com — Free — IOS & Android


The Wine Coach is an application created by wine expert Laurie Forster. This app offers a feature class called Wine 101, which is a personalized “guideline” that lets the user learn more about wine in an approachable way via Laurie’s wine picks, videos and podcasts.
Info: www.thewinecoach.com/app/ — Free — IOS & Android


Plonk is a free app aimed at the complete beginner rather than the wine connoisseur. Plonk includes a description with an overview of a large variety of grapes, wine styles and accurate food pairings. It has clever features such as audio files to teach the user how to pronounce different grape varieties and even tips on what to drink next, depending on your preferred style.
Info: www.plonk-app.co.uk — Free — IOS & Android

Hello Vino is a free wine app aimed at the intermediate connoisseur; its features include helping you choose the correct food pairing with your wine of choice. It has an easy to use format, and also gives the user the ability to track the wines tried.
Info: www.hellovino.com — Free — IOS & Android

Hello Vino Features

Hello Vino Features

Wine Quest is a free app involving a “taste interviewer” that helps hone in on your personal flavor preferences based on salt, coffee, beer and cocktail choices. The app developers claim they can predict what a user rates as a perfect wine using this feature. It’s free, so it won’t hurt to find out if they’re telling the truth!
Info: www.winequest.com — Free — IOS & Android

Wine Searcher is an app that helps you find the perfect wine for any occasion or meal. It has a easy and straightforward design. Blush has an extensive database including small limited-release wines.
Info: www.blushforwine.com — Free — IOS & Android

Buying and Sharing

Drync is mobile e-commerce that caters to the wine enthusiast who already has a sense of what he or she wants to buy. The catalog of 30,000 wines can be purchased with basically one swipe.
Info: www.drync.com — Free – IOS & Android

Viniamo is a socially driven application where users can track, search and share their favorite wines on social media. It works like Spotify: they can create playlists according to their mood or be inspired by other lists made by Viniamo experts. Info: viniamo.it — Free – IOS only