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The excellence of oil, the wonder of a new recipe: Dievole’s 100% Italian EVO

There are certain oils that you never stop talking about. Like 100% Extra-Virgin by Dievole: its almond aroma, robust and bold piquant flavours, and fruity essence. 100% An oil you’ll never forget. An oil you’ll never forget that’s a favourite for our chef Monika Filipinska. That’s why she’s teaching us all the perfect recipe to bring out the best flavours in the oil. Get ready for steamed amberjack, watermelon gazpacho and ripe cherry tomatoes with Blend 100% mayonnaise


4 amberjack slices, about 150 g each. For the gazpacho: 200 g watermelon, seeds and peel removed, 200 g ripe tomatoes, skins and seeds removed, 100 g day-old Tuscan bread, 2 tablespoons Dievole wine vinegar Salt, chilli pepper and a few fresh oregano leaves. For the mayonnaise: 1 egg, juice of ½ lemon, 1 teaspoon Dievole wine vinegar 100 ml 100% Blend EVO Dievole and a few tarragon leaves, salt and pepper.

Method To cook the amberjack, fill a pot with boiling water. Place the steamer basket in the pan (or a steamer), place the parchment paper in the bottom of the basket and cook the fish for about 15 minutes. Mix the tomatoes and watermelon with a little oil, bread, salt, oregano and chilli pepper. Make the mayonnaise, using a hand blender to emulsify a whole egg with salt, pepper, lemon juice, tarragon and vinegar. Slowly add the 100% Extra-Virgin by Dievole to make the mayonnaise.

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