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Tastes like wild chicory: a tribute by Dievole to a majestic oil that meets an unforgettable dessert

We’ve reached the end of our journey into the flavors of oil. But like every true exploration of this kind, the end is just a break between the first taste and the next. So, don’t worry: our recipes, oil and our talented chef Monika Filipinska won’t stop bringing new flavors to your dishes. Monika suggested that we finished this first flavor tour in the same way that the best meals come to a close: with an unforgettable dessert.


Ingredients for the panna cotta

500 g fresh cream, 50 g sugar, 8 g gelatine, 30 g Coratina oil

Ingredients for the sorbet

350 g water, 130 g sugar, 120 g glucose syrup, 500 g freshly pressed celery juice, 300 g green apple pulp, 15 g lemon juice

Ingredients for the ring cake

2 whole eggs, 250 g sugar, 250 g “00” flour, 60 g green water (50 g basil blended with cold water), 65 g Coratina oil, 8 g baking powder


Heat the oil to 80° (the temperature at which it begins to simmer). Add the sugar, followed by the oil and gelatin, previously softened in cold water. Pour into the molds and refrigerate for about 5 hours. To make the ring cake: beat the eggs with the sugar and add the oil and basil water, followed by the flour and baking powder. Bake in the oven at 175° for about 35 minutes. For the sorbet, make a sugar syrup by heating the water, syrup and glucose syrup to 80°, mixing it all slowly. Remove from the heat and add the celery juice and apple pulp, followed by the lemon juice and mix well. Now, we’re ready to pour it all into the ice cream maker and churn it. (Alternatively, pour the mixture into molds and then place them in the freezer.) When the mixture has solidified, we’ll be ready to blend it. Assemble the three mixtures and serve with a drop of Coratina on a bed of finely cut wild chicory leaves, also dressed with Coratina.

It’s good, don’t you think? You never forget your first taste of Coratina, in the same way that we’re sure these recipes and Dievole’s oils will continue to keep you company at lunches, dinners and as snacks.

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