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The most romantic spas in Tuscany

Tuscany might be overlooked at first as a spa destination, both because of the mild climate and the vast amount other attractions you find there. Nevertheless, Tuscany has more thermal centers than any other region in Italy, spas that range from natural pools to 5-star spa resorts. You can pick any spa in Tuscany, and you are guaranteed a romantic and unforgettable experience, while you can reconnect with your body and the beautiful natural surroundings. From the many options, we propose you our four favorite spas in Tuscany.

Terme di Saturnia

Amongst the many beautiful thermal baths you found in Tuscany, Terme di Saturnia is probably the most famous one. Saturnia is located in the Southern corner of Tuscany in the Maremma Region, and the sulphurous springs found here were already loved by the Etruscan and later the Roman people. Nowadays it’s a place where you can enjoy romantic moments in a gorgeous natural environment. If you seek real luxury, the 5-star resort offers you outdoor pools, massage treatments and even a golf course. At the same time, if you don’t want to spend the night, you can enjoy a lovely natural experience at Cascate del Mulino, a wonderful open-air hot springs waterfall that comes down the hill.

Bagno Vignoni

Bagno Vignoni spa

Bagno Vignoni. Photo credit: Paolo Fefe in Flickr

There’s a hard to find a more eye-catching sight than the pool in the main square of Bagno Vignoni. Pilgrims on their way between Canterbury and Rome used this pool once. Nowadays, instead of the dipping your feet in the public pool, you can enjoy glamour at one of the most luxurious spas in Tuscany, the Adler Thermae Spa and Resort. Located just outside of Bagno Vignoni, this hotel resort owned by a family from South Tyrol offers you a real treat. There’s a giant pool at the center of the resort that offers fascinating views of the surrounding nature, and the restaurant with its glass roof offers the intimacy you expect from a romantic dinner. A glass of great Chianti wine from Dievole will surely make the moment just perfect.


Another quite glamorous option to choose is Fonteverde Natural Spa Resort located in the majestic scenery of the hills of Val d’Orcia in Siena. It was built originally by the Grand Duke Ferdinando in the 17th century around thermal hot springs whose properties has been known since the Etruscan period. The original Medici portico of the building still stands nowadays, and the outdoor pools offer breathtaking panorama, while you can enjoy the healing force of the thermal waters. According to rumors, even celebrities like Michael J. Fox and Penelope Cruz spent some time in these facilities.


Finally, one of the most ancient spas in Tuscany is the one located in Petriolo. Already known by the Romans and even cited by Cicero, the first thermal complex was built here in the Renaissance period. Several famous characters, such as cardinals frequented these sulphurous baths then. Nowadays Terme di Petriolo is a modern thermal center where you can soak in the healing thermal water rich in sulphur or enjoy a great variety of wellness treatments, perfect for a relaxing and romantic day.

Any of these wonderful spas in Tuscany is a perfect plan for a romantic day, and don’t forget after spending a day in one of these thermal centers, you can make your day even more memorable staying with us in Dievole Wine Resort.