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A Sangiovese flavor profile – Infographic

Sangiovese grapes are among the most ancient Italian grapes for which exist historical witnesses. Despite the first mention on a written document is dated back to 1772, it is believed the famous grape was already known 2000 years ago and it was used by the Etruscans for the production of wine. Ampelographers believe the place of origin of Sangiovese is Tuscany, where it is still the most important red grape. It is also the most planted red grape variety in the whole ofItaly.

What flavors does Sangiovese have? Of course, the exact flavors and aromas of any particular Sangiovese wine depends heavily on where the grapes are grown and how the winemaker creates the wine. But in a general sense, expect flavors and aromas that are strong in fruit with floral notes. Other characteristics of wines made from Sangiovese grapes include firm tannins and high acidity.

We have identified some of the most typical flavors of Tuscany king grape, Sangiovese and we have represented them graphically in a glass as a Sangiovese flavor profile. From flavors of cherry to forest fruits, from violet to thyme, from vanilla to liquorice, from truffle to pencil lead, Sangiovese remains one of the most complex grapes from which some of the world’s best wines are produced, such as Chianti Classico or Brunello di Montalcino.

Sangiovese flavor profile

Sangiovese flavor profile