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Restyling Dievole: the new face of our wine resort

Over the past few years, Dievole Wine Resort has been undergoing a gradual, careful but deep renovation of all its facilities. Although we’ve still got a lot more surprises in store, this past winter and spring we completed a number of important spaces for our guests. In particular, almost two years of work has finally revealed the new rooms in the property’s villa, which also features spaces for hospitality downstairs such as a lounge and restaurant. Are you ready for a first look at the restyling of Dievole?

Dievole’s hospitality extends across five structures in a medieval borgo or clustering of buildings that have been fully renovated to become: Colombaia (apartments), Ulivo (rooms near the reception), Dievolino, Limonaia (suites) and the main villa.

Stairway of the main villa

The most significant progress this year has been made on the main villa, which has always been referred to as “Villa Dievole”. This elegant structure was designed at the end of the eighteenth century by Ettore Romagnoli and is the pulsing heart of the historic property. From a distance it is the most notable building here, and now its exterior as well as its interior have been fully renewed.

Guests enter into the villa through a doorway that gives on to the Giardino del Tasso. This first vestibule has been decorated with antique furniture and features a reading nook. A grand staircase leads up two flights, while a new elevator has also been installed. The top floor is dedicated to relaxing classic and deluxe rooms.

Burgundy and green are the theme for the new villa bedrooms

Each of Dievole’s main hospitality areas are characterized by a colour scheme. Limonaia, for example, plays with the lemon theme. The Colombaio uses cheery florals and checks, and Olivo’s greens recall our olive groves. In the villa, a cedar green contrasts with a deep Chianti Classico red, a clear reference to our property’s (and many of our guests’) main interest: wine! But these splashes of colour are sober details in a mainly light-filled room that plays with white and cream textures in fabrics, furniture, flooring and other details.

Fabric details

The overall style you’ll find all our accommodations can be defined as “elegant country chic”. Conscious of our guests’ desire to find a room that is immediately relaxing on the eyes and thus on the mind, every detail has been carefully chosen to blend harmoniously into the environment. But if you want to look deeper you’ll find pleasure in them.

Custom made lamps

For example, in line with the villa’s historic structure, special brass light switches have been chosen that have a vintage look and fascinating tactility. The brass lamps on the ceilings and walls were custom designed and crafted by a Tuscan artisan. The wooden beams of the ceilings have been hand painted by local experts following traditional methods handed down through generations. There’s plenty to please every sense in these rooms.

Special light switches

While at home, the bathroom may be a practical space, but on holiday you want to be able to dedicate more time to yourself, and that may mean relaxing in a deep bubble bath; for this, some of our rooms feature a freestanding tub with picture-perfect views of the vines that surround us. We’re also happy to now provide Hermes toiletries, whose sophisticated citrus fragrances will surely entrance you.

Hermes toiletries

Throughout the villa we have chosen special off-white terracotta flooring made by hand by an artisan furnace in Umbria, in a unique area where the local earth makes this possible. Its antique finish feels fantastic on bare feet, cool in the summer and holding in the warmth of winter heat.

Downstairs in the villa you’ll find a new lounge and dining areas, as well as a fabulous new professional kitchen – but that’s something we’ll share with you soon enough! Stay tuned on our Instagram @dievole for some sneak peeks over the next few months.