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Pizza with wild herbs from Dievole

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In times like these, many things become suddenly important: keeping the company, finding new ways to take care of oneself, rediscovering mindfulness, drawing new habits. As well as tastes.

That’s also why we decided to bring some of the flavors of our Chianti to you: this land has intense tastes to share, and we hope to find the right way to let them reach you!

Luckily we’ll have a unique guide; her name is Monika Filipinska, she is Dievole chef, and her recipes are just celestial!  

Pizza with wild herbs from Dievole

Let’s start by preparing the chariot, which must rise for at least 12 hours: mix without working excessively 250 gr of flour of ancient varieties of Tuscan soft grains – type 1, 125 gr of water, and 5 gr of brewer’s yeast.

After 12 hours, combine the chariot with 700 g of type 00 flour, 300 g of ancient grains flour and 750 g of water; slowly pour 80% of the water and knead everything together; let it rest for 10 minutes. Then resume rubbing, adding the rest of the water, 30 g of E.V.O. Oil and 30 g of salt.

Let’s knead for 10 minutes more.

Now give “the folds” to the dough for 3-4 minutes, then let the mass rise for 2 hours; let’s create some balls of about 270 gr each and let them rest for another 3 hours.

At this point, we roll out the dough, season with wild herbs (poppy, dandelion, and silene), Pecorino cheese, seasoned shoulder, and our Tocca Stelle DOP Chianti Classico E.V.O. Oil

Bake it at 250°-300° C.

While we are waiting, we can now start drinking a glass of Dievole Chianti Classico: the evening is long, and the Chianti Classico is an excellent companion! 

Did you like the recipe? What will you remember most? The pizza with wild herbs, the Chianti Classico, or their unique encounter?

Let us know, and please remember that if you order by April 16th, -with a minimum order of six bottles- you will receive a free bottle of Chianti Classico!