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New label launch for Le Due Arbie

Just south of Dievole’s historic estate, there is a precious parcel of land known as Le Due Arbie. Named after the Arbia stream – mentioned by Dante Alighieri himself in his immortal oeuvre “The Divine Comedy” – and Arbiola waterways that chase after each other along the green, hilly meanders of our beloved Chianti territory. This land has fathered our new line of Tuscan wines, three free-spirited varieties in bottles whose innovative, sleek design will make you an even prouder host at the dinner table. Get ready to discover what it really means to #TasteWithColor.


Live in the moment with Le Due Arbie White Wine

Crisp and alive with floral and fruity overtones, our Le Due Arbie IGT white wine 2017 is a wonderfully balanced blend of Trebbiano, Malvasia, Sauvignon and Chardonnay grape varieties. Its potential lives in the now – it’s one of those bottles that need to be served cold and finished off before sunrise, ideal for light aperitivi, laughter-filled dinners and evening promenades with a view. Bright lemon yellow, clean aromas of peach, apple and pineapple – Le Due Arbie white wine is prepared through a cold vinification process and refined in steel vats for 3 months. This white wine is of a burgeoning youth, almost impatient to be enjoyed, swirled in a glass, held between the tips of attentive fingers and sipped rhythmically as droplets of condensation adorn its rim and the last lights of day fade into the crevice where land and sky meet.


A Rose is still a rose: Le Due Arbie Rosato

Our Le Due Arbie Rosé is the queen of all things sweet and tangy!

Our Le Due Arbie Rosé is the queen of all things sweet and tangy!

This light and balanced pink sensation humors its bold 100% Sangiovese structure with surprisingly harmonious hints of grapefruit and white peach. As if caught in perpetual blush, its color echoes the shape-shifting hues of nacre and cherry blossoms, while its silky, lush texture courts and conquers both spicy and mediterranean dishes. Aged 3 months in steel vats, the winemaking process involves gently pressing the grapes while separating them from stalks from the must, followed by a slow and constant 35-day fermentation at 17-18°. this romantic rosé is both tangy and ripe, ready to be uncorked, poured and avidly consumed till the last drop. Rosé, rosato, rosado – call it what you want, for a rose is still a rose and you have to try this amazing Rosato Le Due Arbie IGT Toscana 2017.


Red revolution: a new kind of IGT red wine

It takes creativity, bravery and solid roots to breathe new life into a timeless classic but Dievole rose to the challenge. We paired up our winemaking skills and centurylong tradition with the desire to create something new and inebriating, an IGT wine of unprecedented freshness, made with 70% Sangiovese and a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Aged for 9 Months, this red rage’s fury has been tamed and coaxed into a velvety charm – its pleasing tannins and lingering aftertaste just scream “drink me now and you will have no regrets”. Our Rosso Le Due Arbie IGT Toscana 2016 pairs perfectly with traditional tuscan dishes such as ribollita, pasta and grilled meat.