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New Year, New Wine, New Dievole: Meet the most Classic Chianti Classico

Since 2013, Dievole has been undergoing a slow and sustainable transformation. Wine takes time and patience, and now the moment has finally come to share with you the results of this Renaissance: the new line of Dievole Chianti Classico. With 2016 comes a new wine – that harvested in 2013 – and a new Dievole that you will love.

Tradition and experience of making wine on a property that has been doing so since 1090 combined, in late 2012, with a renewed approach. The consultancy of enologist Alberto Antonini and a brilliant, young internal staff composed of Giovanni Alberio (enologist) and Lorenzo Bernini (agronomist) have gently guided the property and its production into a new age, where respect, sustainability and territory are key words.

To tell you about our new wines, we’d have to start at the beginning. Part of the story, you may already know – about how Dievole has implemented sustainable farming techniques, planting oxygen-encouraging seeds between the vines, while increasing the number of autochthonous vines on the property. Of 600 hectares, 121 are planted with vines, 95 of which are active, and about 80% are Sangiovese, the king grape of the Tuscan vineyard. Harvesting is conducted entirely by hand, and then the select grapes are brought into our cellar.

Untoasted casks in Dievole's cellar

Untoasted casks in Dievole’s cellar

Since 2013, the cellar, which dates to the 1960s, has undergone some important changes. In particular, there are no barriques here, and this is quite intentional. The intent here is to remove the wood in order to let the Sangiovese grape sing for itself. 43 hl French oak barrels are used for maturation, allowing for a “slow micro-oxygenation that allows the wine to slowly evolve to its maturity, maintaining freshness, harmony and balance,” explains Antonini. Over the Christmas holidays at the end of 2015, we removed the last of the barriques from the cellar, and have been installing some cement tanks, a strong and useful element of Tuscan winemaking tradition.

Authenticity in winemaking is dictated by the land, the terroir, the fruit, and its expression. Remaining focused on Sangiovese and the production of a true Chianti Classico, the harvest has been dedicated, since 2013, to the production of just two red vintages: the Chianti Classico annata and the Novecento Chianti Classico Riserva. There is also a small production of white, rosato and vin santo.

Dievole's territory is everything Tuscan: vineyards, olive groves, a villa and rolling hills beyond.

Dievole’s territory is everything Tuscan: vineyards, olive groves, a villa and rolling hills beyond.

The Chianti Classico DOCG Dievole is the ambassador of our territory. The 2013 version is a 100% Sangiovese, aged 14 months in barrels and another 4-5 months in the bottle. It’s a fruity, extremely fresh and elegant wine that carefully balances tannins and acidity.

The Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG Dievole Novecento 2013 is a more complex wine, blending the best grapes of our production. Aged again in barrels, this time for 18 months, and then in the bottle for at least 6 months, this is a rich Chianti Classico. It’s elegant, with scents of mature red berries, highly mineral and with balanced but present tannins, acidity and structure.

New image and label for Dievole

New image and label for Dievole


With the new line comes a new label and image for Dievole that you’ll recognize right away as more closely reflecting the experience of this place, if you’ve been lucky enough to visit us. Light filled, joyous but classic and reserved at the same time. The label features a drawing of Dievole’s main landscape and architectural features: this is the territory that encapsulates Dievole’s past, present and future. Welcome to the new Dievole.