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Dievole main sponsor at LSDM 2016

Mozzarella. A traditional product in Italy, especially in the South: “It’s like water, like life” explains Guido Barendson, coordinator of the Espresso Restaurant Guides, “fascinating, hard to manage”. All the participants at Le Strade della Mozzarella, which takes place in Paestum from April 18-19, 2016, are forced to work with this same difficult primary material, and they all pull out the most creative solutions!

LSDM is an annual mozzarella convention, held in Paestum at the beautiful Savoy Beach Hotel, that reunites top chefs, passionate foodies and journalists in two days of discussions and tastings that show how far you can go with an apparently simple ingredient. For the second year in a row, Dievole is main sponsor of this event, providing wine and our award-winning extra-virgin olive oil to participants. In particular, Dievole oil is used in the cooking shows, where chefs maximize the potential of the flavours of our monocultivars.

Dievole monocultivars and the exceptional 2015 season, which is already seeing us awarded numerous prizes, is the focus of a talk that will take place on Monday April 18 at 16:30, moderated by Marco Oreggia, editor of FLOS OLEI, a worldwide guide to extra virgin olive oil. Producers from Dievole, San Salvatore, Muraglia, Torretta and Olitalia will talk about the regional differences between 2015 olive oils.

“mozzarella a bagno” by Roberto Pezza, LSDM 2015 | Photo Alessandra Farinelli

“mozzarella a bagno” by Roberto Pezza, LSDM 2015 | Photo Alessandra Farinelli

The theme of the 2016 manifestation is “contamination”. This comes from an idea of two chefs who participated last year, Piergiorgio Parini and Ernesto Iaccarino. Both reflected on how the public reacted to their use of apparently “foreign” ingredients – coriander on fish in Italy (mostly considered Thai, it was available in ancient Rome), and kiwi with mozzarella, which, it turns out, is grown in great quantities in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. But even pasta al pomodoro – pasta with tomato sauce – is a “contamination” of a foreign ingredient: the tomato is native to North America and became known to Italy only after 1492, and common only in the 18th century. With this theme, LSDM is challenging chefs to take on cultural influences that are external to Italy, pushing cuisine out of the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance.

Taking up the challenge will be numerous important chefs, and not only from Italy! Expect to see and taste the works of Alexandre Gauthier from La Grenouillère di Montreuil-sur-Mer, Karl and Rudi Obauer from Salzburg, Swedish chef Magnus Ek and more. (Read more about the foreign chefs at LSDM 2016 on Agrodolce – in Italian)

Dievole will of course be present and sharing photos live from LSDM – follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Dievole, and also follow the official Twitter @lsdm_albert! For information on how to participate, click here.