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Italian food bloggers tasted and loved Dievole

On September 17 a busful of Italian food bloggers set out from Rome for a two-day retreat in the heart of Tuscany’s Chianti Classico. The destination? You guessed it: Dievole.

Setting foot on the estate, the 12 food & wine lovers were greeted by the welcoming smiles of our staff and although the sky was clouded by the grey menace of rainclouds, Dievole was brimming with warmth and abundance.

After enjoying a relaxing glass of rosé wine in the green tranquillity of our Tasso garden, lunch was served…and it was spectacular! For the occasion we prepared our grand “tavolo dei maestri”, the historical wooden table that once hosted the evening laughter of Dievole’s winemakers who would gather here after a long day spent working amongst the vines.

Our chef Monika wowed our guests with the increasingly nuanced flavours of her creations. The entrée was a delicious pair of petit hamburgers, one filled with ribollita vegetable soup, the other with flavourful tripe, followed by a plate of pappardelle with meat ragout topped with delicate juniper air.

The instagram star of the meal was a Tuscan delicacy unknown to many of our Italian food blogger guests: Monika’s marinated “Tonno del Chianti” pork laid on a bed of chickpeas and beans, drizzled with Dievole coratina olive oil.

Sated and satisfied, with the sweetness of Monika’s must sorbet on the tip of our tongues, we took a walk among the vines of our Progetto Fidelio, explaining the special philosophy behind this amazing collection of 30 grape varieties, a sort of wine-making DNA databank meant to preserve the diversity of our territory’s indigenous vines.

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After this comfortable stroll, the group headed over to the wine-tasting room where Dievole wine expert Giovanni Alberio accompanied their tastebuds on a lush sensory journey,  starting with fresh Rosato Le Due Arbie, then savouring Dievole’s tannin-laden Chianti Classico 2017 and finishing on the tangy caramel notes of our Vin Santo.

The #DievoleExperience Italian food bloggers were then ready to take a break and discover the rooms of our Villas and Borgo, where they found precious gifts awaiting them, accompanied by personalised welcome cards!

After a well-deserved rest, we all reunited around the table, once again ready to feast both eyes and mouths on Dievole’s unpredictable culinary creativity: ricotta flan with figs and Tuscan “rigatino” bacon, green sauce risotto with calf’s cheek and anchovy powder, tender beef with swiss chard and onions. As the guests plunged into the flavourful realm of Monika Filipinska’s cuisine, the story of Dievole and its products unraveled, spawning interested conversation and questions amongst our guests.

The evening couldn’t have enjoyed a sweeter closure: panna cotta with coratina olive oil and powder, garnished with sugar-coated fennel blossoms.

After a rainy night, the sky opened up in streaks of blue on the morning of September 18th. The #DievoleExperience Italian food bloggers awoke to find the joys of our rich breakfast buffet, unleashing their creativity and appetite.

It was then time for an intense lesson on Olive Oil tasting lead by oil-expert Piero Palanti, who explored the whole range of Dievole Oils together with its Chianti Classico vinegar, the company’s most recent product to be released on the market (we can’t wait for the Olio Nuovo to be ready!).

After this immersive experience in the world of Dievole Olive Oils we caught our guests off-guard with a surprise contest! They were put inside a room full of delicious cheeses, vegetables, fruits and meats. The question: what dish would you create to best enhance the flavours and use of our extra virgin olive oils?

But these Italian food bloggers were true experts and weren’t phased by the sudden request – in the blink of an eye they were selecting ingredients, chopping herbs and testing their creations. The winner was a delicate and balanced salad where marinated pork meat, wild herbs, sangiovese grapes and a swirl of nocellara olive oil.

After this riveting experience, the true prize for all was a delicious final three-course lunch in the dim lights of our historic wine cellar: bean and black chickpea purée with confit cod and pine-nut/red pepper pesto, pici pasta with tarragon pesto and a delicious wine and dark chocolate cake topped with Chianti Classico caviar.

The #DievoleExperience weekend was now drawing to an end. After a quick pitstop at our Wine and Oil shop, the lovely dozen were ready to travel back home – but we could tell that they were taking a piece of Dievole with them.


Dievole would like to thank all the Italian food bloggers for their wonderful company.