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See you next summer!

On October 18, we called it a wrap and announced the closing of our hospitality season. 2016 has been an extremely fruitful year for Dievole’s estate, full of changes, creativity and new friends. Weddings, dinner parties, wine tastings, romantic weekends… we’ve seen it all and just the thought fills us with joy. We have been undergoing a relentless transformation, moving towards our lifelong dream made of high quality and dedication to preserving our terroir and values. We would like to thank our staff and everyone who has contributed in making this year unforgettable. We would also like to welcome Stefano Capurso, our new managing director! Waiting for next Summer, we would like to share our highlights of the year, hoping that 2017 will be even more full of surprises!

The new face of Dievole

Who knows if these will last until next Summer... our Chianti Classico 2013 is already out of stock!

Who knows if these will last until next Summer… our Chianti Classico 2013 is already out of stock!

Overlooking vines and olive groves, since 1090 the very heart of Dievole’s essence lies in its wines and olive oils. In February we launched our new line of Chianti Classico wines, decorated with a new label that features a drawing of Dievole’s main landscape and architectural features – a true declaration of love towards our land and property, which makes this wine the most classic of Chianti Classico. 2016 has definitely been a year of bold experimentation. Encouraged by the success of our olive oils, in March we decided to take on yet another challenging adventure: the production of a new line of Chianti Classico Wine Vinegar prepared according to Tuscan tradition. Who knows what else we’ll be inventing before next Summer!

For a Heavenly stay

The deluxe room of our Villa Limonaia. Doesn't it look inviting?

The deluxe room of our Villa Limonaia. Doesn’t it look inviting?

After attentive restoration works, in Summer we finally opened the doors to our Villa Dievolino and Villa Limonaia, two annexes revamped to perfection and styled according to Dievole’s new image. Villa Limonaia’s interiors are decorated with citrus paintings inspired by Medici-court painter Bartolomeo Bimbi to homage the Villa’s previous use as a “Limonaia” building once dedicated to the protection of lemon plants in the winter. The rooms are cozy, light-filled and perfect for a relaxing vacation in the heart of Chianti Classico… it’s time to start thinking of your next Summer vacation!

Dievole’s Kitchen

Monika's mouthwatering coratina Panna Cotta...

Monika’s mouthwatering coratina Panna Cotta…

This year, our restaurant decided to take its cuisine to a whole new level. Under the careful creative supervision of Chef Monika Filipinska, our menu became even more seasonal and authentic, introducing ancient flours, handmade fresh pasta, wild herbs and berries from our garden and homemade ice-cream in the Summer. Some of the most iconic recipes of the year such as our Ribollita macaron, coratina-drizzled Panna Cotta and Chianti Classico Wine Vinegar reduction were featured in our pairing menu at our Vinitaly Cooking Show, one of Italy’s most important food&wine events we attended in March.

La Buona Pizza

The authors of "La Buona Pizza" at Dievole... we hope to see them at Dievole again next Summer!

The authors of “La Buona Pizza” at Dievole… we hope to see them at Dievole again next Summer!

On a sun-kissed July afternoon, Dievole took yet another a stand in support of Italy’s rich gastronomic history by hosting a special book presentation of “La Buona Pizza” by Luciana Squadrilli, Tania Mauri and Alessandra Farinelli. After a extremely informative roundtable involving the authors and our Oil expert Marco Scanu, smoking hot pizza was served directly from our 19th-century pizza oven had been fired up early in the morning by Davide Fiorentini and Matteo Tambini of O Fiore Mio gourmet pizzeria in Faenza. Guests and press were able to taste both Dievole’s products and the ingredients that the two pizzaioli use to prepare their larger-than-life pizza pies – generously drizzled with Dievole olive oil naturally! The Summer was in full bloom at Dievole and as the sun set on our vineyards and the moon popped over the Chianti Classico hills, we enjoyed a convivial dinner in our Giardino del Tasso. Definitely one of our personal highlights!

Student Wine Tasting

One of the students "Nosing" the wine

One of the students “Nosing” the wine

We just love introducing young people to the nuanced and fascinating world of wine. In July we hosted a class of American college students travelling across Italy and guided them in a riveting wine tasting, helping them pinpoint flavours, hints and scents in our wines. The group tasting took place in our ancient cellar – a special place filled with history and atmosphere. The students really enjoyed this experience – hopefully we’ll do it again next Summer!

#DievoleExperience Blog Tour

Italian Food Bloggers at Dievole

Italian Food Bloggers at Dievole

In September, Dievole welcomed 12 bloggers from Rome, a ray of light on a grey weekend. The group enjoyed an extensive tour of our estate, from our Progetto Fidelio to the cellar, as well as numerous guided tastings of both our wines and olive oil. At the table, they were pampered by Chef Monika Filipinska’s impeccable food&wine pairing, while discovering the relaxing atmosphere of our rooms. We just love making people discover the manifold wonders of our estate!


Aren't they amazing?

Aren’t they amazing?

Every year, Dievole sets up a pitstop for the participants of L’Eroica, a vintage bike race that takes place in Chianti Classico and is also sponsored by Dievole. This year was particularly amazing because of the many people who stopped by to enjoy a convivial moment at Dievole, regaining strength with a glass of our finest wine and exchanging smiles under the menacing grey October 2nd sky. Fruit, cantuccini and other refreshments were served as the race unwinded throughout the day. We just love Eroica!

Il Chiostro at Dievole

A glass of rosé and watercolor painting... a perfect pairing indeed!

A glass of rosé and watercolor painting… a perfect pairing indeed!

For 18 years now, Il Chiostro has been organising workshops at Dievole for people who are interested in strengthening their skills in photography, cooking, painting. We love to think of our estate as a source of inspiration, a home away from home, a place ofr personal development for creatives and artists from all over the world. Founders Linda Mironti and Michael Mele decided to call their activity “Il Chiostro” to evoke a silent, secluded ambience designed for contemplation far from the outside world.  “Il Chiostro aims to show you an authentic Italy, not just dazzle you with highlights” says their website. Surrounded by nature and imbued in history, Dievole is the perfect destination for those who want an unfiltered experience of Tuscany. We’ll be seeing them again next Summer as well!