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Delve into the mysteries of wine

Chianti Classico is a fantastical place, but it’s also a very precise part of the world. Just follow the call of Sangiovese, dive in between the olive groves, the chestnut trees and cypresses, and start walking along the paths: you’ll begin to understand it. And if this isn’t enough, if you still feel like there’s more to discover, it might be time to really get to the roots of the area, to really live its essence. In other words, to lose yourself in the mysteries of its wine.

Start by asking yourself: which wine best conveys the smells, the scents and the flavours of these hills? There is no simple answer. The Chianti Classico is a wide and varied area. You think you’ve unlocked its secrets when you raise a glass to your lips, only to find that you’re just tasting one of the many flavours that its Sangiovese grapes contain.

So, how can we get to grips with the flavours of the Chianti Classico? By getting to know the area.