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What is the Best Time to Visit Tuscany?

What is the best time to visit Tuscany? This Italian region features art cities, spas and gorgeous landscapes that make it great to visit in every season – you just have to plan the right itinerary. Let’s look at the seasons one by one and decide when you should come.

Best time to Visit Tuscany: Weather trends

The best time to visit any destination is going to depend on the weather and how much this affects you. Italy is graced with four proper seasons including long mid-seasons that make cashmere sweaters paired with leather jackets and fun scarves a staple of our wardrobe for a few months each year – yay! That said, there are some moments when it rains a lot, so it’s best to head to the cities where you can spend more time indoors. And other times when it’s really hot, so you’d rather be in the countryside where the evenings and nights are pleasantly cool (or you can swim in the hotel pool).

Click the link below to discover the average weather in Florence month by month, which can be taken as a guideline for the entire region. Out of town it’s usually a few degrees cooler, while on the Tuscan coast the temperature is mitigated by the sea so has less of a range – breezier and cooler in the summer, less cold in the winter too.

When to Go to Florence: Average Weather Temperatures by Month

Visit Tuscany in Winter

Christmas can be a great time to visit Tuscany

Florence gets dressed up for Christmas

As tour groups depart its cities, there is a serene glow over the region and especially over its art cities, which all get dressed up for the winter holidays. Florence pulls out all the stops with numerous gigantic trees and an annual festival of light projections (F-Light Festival, every year from Dec 8 to Jan 6) on major monuments. Streets are packed with Christmas shoppers. But when Christmas is over and people go back to work, the city returns to its residents. January and February can be cold and rainy, but they can also grant truly magical experiences like having a whole church to yourself to observe a painting you’ve always wanted to see in person. You’ll find restaurateurs and shopkeepers who are happy to see you and able to spend more time helping you choose that perfect artisan gift.

What is there to do in Tuscany in the wintertime? Well, aside from the activities in the article linked below, consider that the main wine preview events take place in the different wine regions in mid February. Chianti Classico collection takes place in Florence, while you can taste all the Brunello di Montalcino you wish in Montalcino, or visit San Gimignano for their preview.

Winter in Tuscany: a wondrous region this time of year

Visit Tuscany in Spring

Spring is an awakening. For us at Dievole, it means reopening after the seasonal closure, getting ready to show off improvements made while not welcoming guests. The expression “April showers brings May flowers” applies to Tuscany, though it usually rains more in March, actually. Temperatures and weather patterns aren’t reliable, so we sometimes have wonderful sunny days that are perfect for hiking, and you end up with great photographs of Tuscany looking very green. Be forewarned that you might also encounter a week straight of rain, and it can feel quite cold – you’ll want to pack a winter coat anyway. Often the weekend around May 1, when there is a holiday long weekend, the weather changes and becomes suddenly, marvelously summery.

What is there to do in Tuscany in the Spring? When the ground wakes up, greens grow spontaneously and we love to go out foraging. You can take a foraging tour and cooking class with Dievole’s chef, which is a great way to learn about this Italian tradition. Spring is also an ideal time to visit open air thermal baths while it’s still a bit cold out.

Spring in Tuscany: best places to see flowers

Visit Tuscany in Summer

The summertime can be the best time to visit Tuscany

The classic shot of hay bales will feature if you visit Tuscany in the summertime

Summer is, of course, the time of year that most families can travel. If you like heat, this is the best time to visit Tuscany! If you can’t stand the heat, maybe consider the shoulder seasons. If we consider June, July and August to be the Summer months, consider that May can be quite hot at times – enough for the most intrepid to go for a dip in the cold Mediterranean Sea – but less relentlessly hot than July.

Summer is probably the best season to retreat to the Tuscany countryside and stay in an agriturismo or wine resort like Dievole, where you can cool off in the swimming pool, and experience cooler nights. Do check if your lodging has air conditioning, especially if you’re heading to Florence in this season.

As Summer is considered high tourist season, you’ll want to book your museum tickets and other activities in advance and plan for down time to avoid crowds.

Where to go to beat the heat in Tuscany

Visit Tuscany in Fall

Like Spring, Fall is another marvelous shoulder season that offers numerous joys to the Tuscan visitor. September and early October may surprise you with some very warm days – Indian summers of sorts – and then we get the first fresh breezes of Fall, most welcome. If you’re visiting Tuscany in the Fall, you’ll want to be prepared for a range of weather, including rain. But it will be a pleasant experience, with cities being much less crowded than in the Summer. Along with these colder months come roast chestnuts, meat dishes paired with red wine, and all sorts of good things. In November, be prepared for olive oil harvest festivals, almost as much fun as the wine harvest!

Autumn in Tuscany: 7 great ways to spend the day