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The benefits of red wine for the heart

We are completely devoted to the wellbeing of our customers and we believe in the value of research and sharing information – even from a scientific standpoint. Much has been said on the presumed benefits of red wine for the heart, so we wanted to put our two cents into the discussion. In Italy we have a saying that states “Se c’è la salute c’è tutto” (When you have health, you have everything), and we agree in its paramount importance. Studies on the subject are still underway but we confide in the veracity of certain statements regarding the benefits of red wine for health.

Good Wine makes Good Blood

For centuries, Tuscan farmers have affirmed the beneficial qualities of red wine, using it to disinfect, cure colds, warm up during the harsher months of the year and boost their immune system. It is scientifically proven that 10% of the human liver is actually dedicated to transforming alcohol into energy so this indicates that it has become a recognised and generally friendly enzyme in our body. It is said that wine probably goes way back to the Paleolithic ages and that its creation can be most likely linked to mankind’s first attempts at developing medicinal brews. Think about it: it’s good, it boosts energy and can be a catalyst for social interaction – an occasional swig can work wonders. But this brings us to the next paragraph.


A glass of Wine a day keeps the Doctor away

Everything in moderation. Wine was not invented to be downed in large quantities – it is something that must be savoured and, if we want to give it any sort of curative value, taken in small doses. Preliminary studies suppose that part of the benefit might be due to the high level of antioxidants able to increase levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (the “good” cholesterol) and protect against cholesterol buildup – thus protecting the hearts blood vessels from clotting and disease. One antioxidant in particular, known as Resveratrol, is held high in account when it comes to pinpointing the true hero. This nifty component is also said to stimulate glucose uptake into human fat cells and block molecules from converting into fat, which means that it hinders the metabolic effects that could increase the risk for cardiovascular disease.


The true benefits of red Wine

What we can say for sure is that a nice glass of red wine now and then can help you through a rough day, add a bit of spice to a romantic night out and relax the mind. A sip of our Chianti Classico holds the story of a long-lived Art, the essence of centuries of research and passion.