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A new dish for a new sensation: beef tartare and walnut truffles, clams and parsley salsa with Nocellara olive oil

If the colour is a bright green, and the nostrils detect some green tomato leaves with a few floral notes, and the tongue gets a slightly bitter and spicy taste, there’s no mistaking it: you’ve got a Nocellara di Dievole on the table. A delicate, persistent oil, which our chef Monika Filipinska helps us discover in a new recipe.


320 g of beef, minced with a knife 
50 g of hazelnuts, lightly toasted
20 g of parsley
500 g of clams
Garlic, fresh ginger, salt and pepper
100% Italian Monocultivar olive oil: Nocellara di Dievole.


Blend the hazelnuts into a paste and mix it with the minced beef. Add salt, pepper, oil and some grated fresh ginger. We then put the clams in a pan with a bit of water, and get a lively flame under them. Spoon a bit of their water into a blender and use it to emulsify the parsley and around 20g of oil. If needed, add water until you have a fairly soft but stable salsa.

You can get to know the extra virgin olive oil varieties and learn how you can receive a gift of Nocellara di Dievole by visiting our page: https://dwineclub.it/campaigns/this-is-dievole/it